Eg0cide Productions

Here it is : « Bras de fer avec le tænia », 3rd volume, of the perfect failure (?) / l’échec parfait (?) – even worse than the first ones : more lo-fi, more incoherent, more irritating – and longer…

Many thanks to all the contributors : Anton Mobin, Ayato, C.P. McDill, Charles Pennequin, Charles premier, DJP, DMC, Doc Demagol, Dreamcell, Kecap Tuyul, Massimo Brazzini, MatGabo, Mat U Stone, Mescalibur, Princesse Pute, Vide flotté raide, and some anonymous contributors.

Further contributions are still welcomed, read details here

And once more : this is NOT a « compilation », it has never been, and never will…

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